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I’m Kim Harrison

and I have a very special set of skills.

A bold claim? Yes, it is.

Fact is, I’ve helped people from every walk of life achieve results they couldn’t dream of.

And it’s no coincidence that the vast majority of the world’s most accomplished individuals – in business,

creativity, sport, leadership, and life – all have skilled coaches who guide them to greater levels of success.

I’m Kim Harrison, and I’m a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, an accountant, a partner, and a mom. I’m also a leadership coach – and I’d like to share something really important with you.

Working with me.

My 7-week Clarity Catalyst Journey and coaching series are designed to transform your life in 3 powerful ways:

  • It empowers you to see life –opportunities, desires, goals –through a radically different lens of perception and ability than where you are right now.

  • It empowers you to identify the exact key elements of the things you want most– and to turn wants and wishes into a plan, without the fear, doubt, and self-sabotage that so often roadblocks even the most motivated people.

  • It empowers you to act – decisively, fearlessly, and effectively, in ways that amplify efforts and deliver results far beyond what most believe is possible.

How I can help you?

12 Session Series

Clarity Catalyst

What makes this journey so different?

Just this: it’s not the clichéd rah-rah motivational life coaching approach, or those supposedly secret life hacks

that claim to magically explode your financial and personal prosperity overnight. Instead, what I want to share

with you is a deeply organic system of inner work designed to be adapted to your unique strengths and

weaknesses – and to lay a powerful foundation for lifelong success in every area of your life.

The Clarity Catalyst Journey and the coaching series aren’t passive. It’s participative. It unfolds in the real world, in real time, so you can experience real results. You’ll see immediate changes in areas like:

  • Your ability to identify what’s most important to you and to find the signal in the noise.

  • Your ability to calm overwhelm and to focus your growing power on the things that really matter.

  • Your ability to overcome limiting beliefs and unconscious self-sabotage.

  • Your ability to create a cycle of fast-increasing successes– that create a new habit of success.

I think it’s fair to say that many people struggle with similar setbacks – finances, relationships, self-confidence,

and habits and patterns that don’t always serve us.

You can change that.

And I’ll help you do it.

But before we get there, here’s a little more about me and my journey.

Who is Kim Harrison?

First up, I don’t claim to be a guru. I’m a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, a mom. And I take a deeply human approach to those I connect with, and I understand where you’re at.

I’m also really good with numbers (yup, an accountant!) – but at the same time, I’ve always been fascinated by the amazing power of belief, intuition, and emotional connection as the deeper elements that shape who we ultimately become.

These are my personal mantras:

“Continuously Grow Yourself”, and “Learn From Life Experiences”.

Those statements of belief might sound a little ordinary, but they’re actually the cornerstones and keys to

overcoming life’s most daunting challenges.

And if they’re understood and used the right way, they also offer deep insights into navigating and overcoming

the hidden beliefs that so easily hold us back or influence key decisions - often without us even being aware of


In our coaching journey and in particular the Clarity Catalyst Journey, you’ll realize just how pervasive and self-

destructive those patterns can be. In fact, I call them “saboteurs”, because that’s exactly what they do.

Some saboteurs seem obvious.

When I was 12, my parents separated, and my world fell apart. I closed my heart to everyone and spent most

of my formative teen years mistrusting others – and without realizing it, mistrusting myself, too. I channelled

my emotions into my studies, achieving my degree and becoming a chartered accountant. That became my

identity, the one thing I could trust and fall back on.

Relationship. Partnership. Motherhood. Routine. Security.

Until the fateful day in 2017 when I was suddenly, unexpectedly, shockingly laid off.

Suddenly, Kim Harrison the accountant had lost a huge chunk of her identity.

I was forced to examine myself, maybe for the first time, for who I was rather than what I did or the roles I

played. And then something amazing happened. As I began to peel away the layers, I discovered that I really

did have intrinsic value, and that I have something deeply important to offer.

That journey, where I figured out how to uproot and change my deepest drivers and saboteurs as I built a

business and radically re-engineered my life, laid the foundation for what I want to share with you.

Something amazing happens when we remove our focus from an idealistic goal and focus on the journey

instead. We get there faster, we enjoy the process, we make new discoveries, and we let go of so much that

holds us back.

Personally, I’ve developed a far greater openness to learning - mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I’ve

learned to create circles of support and accountability – through my life partner, accountability partner, and

some very special groups of people who have embarked on the same life journey as I have.

Why am I telling you this? Simply because my leadership coaching is founded on proven principles, a deep

understanding of exactly what you’re experiencing right now, and priceless personal experience.

Does that resonate with you? Want to find out more about the Clarity Catalyst Journey or the coaching series?

Let’s chat.


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