Life can sometimes feel like a juggling act, having to keep the balls of the family, relationships, business, and your wellbeing in the air and hoping that one does not slip through! 

This continuous juggling can become exhausting and very frustrating.

Have you considered looking at your life through a different lens, obtaining a different perspective enabling you to take the action needed to move you closer to your true potential? 

Allow me to guide you to look at life from a different angle, co-create the actions to a more balanced, less stressful, thriving life.

Let’s work together:

The 12-session series will embark on:

  • viewing life through different lens, 
  • identifying the major milestones (different word please) of the new vision
  • the required actions to implement this refined/ revised view on life

Mental fitness coaching:

A magical 6-week journey of building a foundation of mental fitness through strengthening three critical mental muscles to shift the balance of power from your inner Saboteurs (your negative self) to your inner Sage (your positive self) and discovering your sage perspective.

My Story

“Continuously grow yourself” & “Learning from life experiences”

These two phases are well entrenched in my DNA and are my moto.  Life has already enriched and excited me. What lessons can I take, place in my memory bank for future experiences thereby growing with each experience. What can I learn now to take me to the next milestone, as tough as they might be? 

Frustratingly though there are those hidden beliefs that tend to knock you off at the knees, hold you back and influence key decisions without you even realising, otherwise known as the “Saboteurs” or shadows.  I continue this journey of discovering my beliefs, it feels like I am peeling an onion layer by layer and discovering what is underneath. I used to ask, “when is this going to end?” …. but realise that mastery is a journey and not an end point, embracing the journey is key. 

Life has certainly offered its challenges, I embraced the life of unity with a life partnership and becoming a Mom. Both these journeys have offered treasured moments, questioning times and a need to step forward into the unexplored but knowing that you have the support around to help on this path. 

The above may sound philosophical and easy but I have had many lessons which have added to my bank like my parents separating when I was 12 resulting in my closing my heart to everyone but the completely trusted. I dived into the known, safe route of concentrating on my learning and achieving my degrees and becoming a Chartered Accountant. My drive was solely on achieving this goal, I did not focus beyond this point and have been taken on life’s journey with a few tweaks from my side until I was retrenched in 2017. The universe has a way of taking you by the shoulder and shaking you to say “Hey! Time to wake up!!” Well, I was well and truly shaken!

On reflection, I am completely grateful for this experience as it has enabled me to embark on learning about myself, becoming more spiritual, intuitive, and most excitingly enabled me to commence on my coaching career. 

The start of another journey! Starting and growing your own business is no joke! It pulls on elements and skills I did not know I even had! This has and continues to force me to step out of my comfort zone, to learn new skills and continue my motto of “Continuously growing myself”.

If I were to be asked what has been enabled you to continue this path of growing, I would say, 

  • Openness to learning mentally, spiritually, and emotionally,
  • Surrounding myself with a brilliant support structure from my life partner, accountability partner to groups of people on similar paths,
  • And coaching. 

The above is a must to enable me to look at life through a different lens to see the opportunity; learn more and grow emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

Margaux Krupper – CEO of Afari Skincare (2020 - 2021)

“Coaching was one of my achievements for 2020. Taking the time out to spend with you was one of the best gifts I gave myself, my family and my business. The value I received over the six months was incredible, at least 10 x ROI. 

There are multiple tools that I learnt that I now use daily. Perhaps the most useful thing is that I understand the value of planning; whenever I’m feeling flustered or overwhelmed, I know I need to spend time planning to feel on top of things again. “

Aga Jagiello-Johnstone UK (2021)

“I have gained a different perspective to both my professional and personal life and how the two are connected; secondly, I learn invaluable techniques on how to keep things under control, how to filter and focus on what’s important; lastly, and most importantly, Kim’s coaching provides long-lasting value; it is not one-off; one-way lecture; it is a deep learning which stayed with me even after the sessions ended. 

This has enabled me to understand and assess my own value somewhat objectively is the biggest return on my own investment. Kim allowed me to take a step back and take time to look at my career and to reassess what I want to do and how. Planning next steps and gaining confidence is a huge value in itself and definitely well worth the spend.”

Beth Orchison (2020 – 2021)

“Coaching has allowed me to look at my situation or problems from a different angle and therefore enabling me to fix the problems on my own. I find my thought process to be different and things that would cause stress and anxiety in the past no longer do. The most important thing is that I have learned to value myself and acknowledge that I’m an important part of my business and home, so if I don’t keep checking in with myself and putting me first, I’m letting my family and clients down.

The coaching process is goal-driven and outcome-based which gives you a tangible measure of progress. This is something I enjoyed as an analytical person. It is sustainable in that it changes the way you think and therefore, although you may need a reminder from time to time, what you have gained on the course stays with you forever.”

Lexi Hall - Managing Director of Tinkwe, boutique PR marketing consultancy (2020 - 2021)

“Kim has been an instrumental guiding light for me, this last year. She has and continues to create clarity, purpose, and direction both in my personal and work life. 
Her kind nature, practical, solution-oriented mind and incredible ability to listen is second to none and I use the tools she has given me daily.”

Kim Holmes - Change Specialist, Executive Leadership & Systemic Team Coach, FNB (2020)

“I signed up for coaching with Kim because I had a pattern of prioritizing work and/or other people’s needs before my own, so I wasn’t making any progress on my personal goals. The coaching methodology and the attention I have given my own goal achievements through the process has meant that I have achieved things that I have been meaning to ‘get to’ for years, in a few months. Kim is a great coach, she challenges, follows-up and encourages progress.”

Bianca Baillie - Executive and Personal Assistant, Tauranga, New Zealand (2019)

Kim taught me how to understand my thoughts and decision making, choose my own directions and grow as a person for unlimited happiness. I discovered the need to set goals, achieve them and celebrate. Kim’s personality is warm, friendly, and genuine. She is a great listener and mentor. I would say to others: provided you are willing to do it for yourself and are ready to make a few changes, try out at least one coaching session with Kim and you will instantly see you are able to turn things around in a few short weeks to a month, instead of having to wait a whole lifetime for things to happen around you.”

Collette Merritt - Thrivalist Life Coach, Be The Change Coaching (2019)

“Even as a Coach, sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes on the situation to provide you with a different perspective to the challenge at hand… Her brain-based, methodical approach helped me structure thought processes and add some templates to my business.  She helped me work through a couple of sticking points and challenged negative belief systems to a fresher, clearer perspective.”