12 Session Series 1 on 1

The 12-session series enables you to bridge between where you are now and where you want to be. This process will enhance your self-awareness, self-development, and leadership development.

In the coaching 5 key principles are applied:

  • Self- directed learning
    • Finding your own answers
    • Working with the maps in your brain
    • Making your own connections and in so doing have moments of insights
  • Solution-focused
    • Creating energy and ensures a positive state of mind
  • Stretch
    • Developing thinking along new lines
    • Offering the support to enable actions to be taken to do things differently
  • Positive feedback
    • Continuous acknowledgement and encouragement to aid the new learnings in becoming hardwired.¬†
  • Structured
    • Establishing clear and specific goals¬†
    • Allowing for the focus to be on the thinking

These sessions are flexible and will work around your current situation, with the focus of moving you forward with constructive actions. This process will enable you to become more of who you already are and who you have the potential to be.